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The design of the Soft Pad Group dates from the year 1969. In terms of both construction and shape, the Soft Pad Chairs are similar to the design of the Aluminium Group. However, their sewn-on cushions create a striking contrast to the slender aluminium profiles. The Soft Pad Chairs are softer and more voluptuous than the chairs in the Aluminium Group, but without losing the clean clarity of their common silhouette. The chairs adapt to the body of the sitter and provide extraordinary comfort.
HeadLine, the innovative office chair, not only provides optimal support in the lumbar zone, but also targets areas that are often neglected – the shoulders, neck and head. When the sitter leans back, the upper backrest extension tilts forward to support the head, keeping the line of vision on the monitor. This fulfils the ergonomic requirements of modern office work and prevents muscle strain in the upper back.