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The fundamental concept behind the Alcove product line – creating places of shelter and seclusion – is especially evident in the Alcove Highback Sofa. With its high side and back panels, the Alcove Highback Sofa shields users both visually and acoustically from the surrounding environment.
It offers a space for withdrawal and privacy. Thanks to the excellent acoustic qualities and its function as a visual screen, the Alcove Highback Sofa provides a truly peaceful oasis. This effect is even more pronounced when two sofas are positioned across from each other to form a room-like space.
Alcove Cabin creates a secluded space, which is enclosed on all sides and accessible through a single opening. It provides visual and acoustic privacy for four to six people. On the inside, Alcove Cabin has facing upholstered seats and can be optionally equipped with a table, power connections and lighting to serve as a full-fledged workspace.
Alcove Highback Work: the sofa shields users both visually and acoustically from the surrounding environment, forming a space for withdrawal. With its integrated tablet desk, storage box and cable inlet, Alcove Highback Work is a sofa version that offers a flexible and private workspace in the open-plan office for individual tasks requiring concentration.