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Living Offices

A high-performance workspace ensures enhanced comfort for individuals during work.

Work has changed. In most offices, this is missing. The Living Office is a high-performance workspace that provides people with enhanced comfort during work and helps organizations achieve their strategic goals. See how the Living Office comes to life.

When your people succeed, your business thrives.

People are the most valuable asset of any organization. So why aren’t more offices designed to support their needs and activities? With Living Office design, humanity is reintroduced into the workplace to help your people and your business achieve success.

A space for every purpose, and a purpose for every space.

From settings tailored for improvisational creativity to standardized processes, work today encompasses more diversity than ever before—shouldn’t our offices reflect this diversity?

In the Living Office, individuals can select from a range of spaces that best support their activities, foster connections with colleagues, and aid in accomplishing their specific objectives. These environments can be crafted to uniquely embody the organization’s culture and contribute to the realization of its ambitions, thus rendering the workspace a more valuable asset.


A Hive is a grouping of workstations that allows people to harmoniously engage in individual and collaborative work.


A Haven is a small shelter where focused work can be done without distraction.


A Clubhouse is a working area that belongs to a team assigned to a specific, long-term project.


Enabled by a clearly defined point of focus, a Forum supports the presentation and discussion of content.

Jump Space

Comprised of highly approachable work points, a Jump Space facilitates work for short periods of time between other activities.


A Cove is a compact setting near individual work points that enables people to work together for short periods of time.


The vibrant and dynamic heart of the landscape, a Plaza is a place where people can intuitively take the pulse of the organisation.


A Workshop is the ideal setting for people to work together to generate the ideas that drive work forwards.

Meeting Space

A Meeting Space is designed to support information sharing, whether it’s a single speaker at the head of the room or a group of colleagues conversing among themselves.


A Landing is an open perching spot adjacent to Meeting Spaces or Forums, where people can warm up before meetings and cool down after they end.

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