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The Risom Collection

Jens Risom joined the Hans Knoll Furniture Company in the early 1940s as the sole designer of interiors and furniture. Working ingeniously within the constraints of wartime material shortages, Risom designed his eponymous collection of chairs and tables using essentially scraps of wood and rejected nylon straps from parachute production.

Risom Lounge Chair

от $1 393

Risom Outdoor Lounge Chair

от $1 655

Risom Side Chair

от $1 007

Risom Amoeba Coffee Table

от $1 529

Risom Dining Table

от $1 790

Risom Barstool

от $1 524

Risom Outdoor Side Chair

от $1 349

Risom Ottoman

от $974

Risom Outdoor Barstool

от $1 852

Risom Stool

от $599

Risom Side Table

от $891

Risom Outdoor Ottoman

от $865

Risom Outdoor Side Table

от $1 172

Risom Side Table

от $834

Risom Outdoor Side Table

от $1 080

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