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The Bertoia Collection

Hans and Florence never insisted that Harry Bertoia design furniture when they originally gave him a studio in an early Knoll factory. They simply asked that he show them if he arrived at something interesting. He arrived at something outstanding. Introduced in 1952, the Bertoia Collection remains one of the great achievements of modern furniture design.

Bertoia Side Chair

от $1 086

Bertoia Diamond™ Chair

от $1 708

Bertoia Bird Chair

от $4 313

Bertoia Barstool

от $1 727

Bertoia Diamond Chair Full Cover

от $2 698

Bertoia Side Chair Outdoor

от $1 122

Bertoia Diamond Chair Outdoor

от $1 748

Molded Shell Side Chair

от $426

Replacement Seat Pad

от $261

Bertoia Bench Outdoor

от $2 521

Bertoia Side Chair Full Cover

от $1 537

Bertoia Molded Shell Barstool

от $706

Bertoia Bench

от $3 414

Leather‑Covered Side Chair

от $1 979

Bertoia Barstool Full Cover

от $2 085

Bertoia Bird Ottoman

от $1 406

Bertoia Barstool Outdoor

от $1 757

Molded Shell Side Chair Outdoor

от $426

Bertoia Leatherd Barstool

от $2 324

Molded Shell Chair Stacking

от $543

Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia was a complete and gifted artist. Knoll historian Brian Lutz once said “Bertoia’s paintings were better than his sculptures. And his sculptures were better than his furniture. And his furniture was absolutely brilliant.”

Characteristic of the early environment at Knoll, Hans and Florence never demanded that Bertoia design furniture, but instead encouraged him to explore whatever he liked. They simply asked that if he arrived at something interesting, to show them. Needless to say, Harry Bertoia arrived at something outstanding. His iconic wire form furniture collection, introduced in 1952, is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest achievements in 20th century furniture design.

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