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The Saarinen Collection

From the late 1940s through the 1950s, Eero Saarinen designed many of the most recognizable Knoll pieces, including the Tulip Chairs and Pedestal Tables, the Womb Chair, and the 70 Series Executive Seating Collection. His designs used modern materials in graceful ways, helping establish the identity of Knoll during our formative years.

Womb™ Chair with Ottoman

от $6 821

Saarinen Dining Table 42"

от $3 093

Saarinen Dining Table 54"

от $4 419

Saarinen Dining Table 72" Oval

от $7 276

Saarinen Dining Table 78" Oval

от $7 613

Saarinen Dining Table 96" Oval

от $8 616

Womb™ Chair

от $4 969

Saarinen Dining Table 35"

от $2 900

Saarinen Dining Table 84" Oval

от $7 945

Saarinen Dining Table 60"

от $6 901

Womb™ Ottoman

от $1 465

Saarinen Dining Table 47"

от $3 322

Womb™ Settee

от $8 184

Tulip™ Chair Armless

от $2 069

Tulip™ Armchair

от $2 502

Executive Chair Wood Legs

от $1 786

Executive Chair Tubular Legs

от $1 401

Executive Armchair Tubular Legs

от $2 088

Executive Armchair Tubular Legs

от $2 446

Executive Armchair with Swivel Base

от $2 447

Eero Saarinen

Born to world famous architect and Cranbrook Academy of Art director Eliel Saarinen and textile artist Loja Saarinen, Eero Saarinen was surrounded by design his entire life.

Eero, who was known for being obsessed with revision, took a sculptural approach to furniture design, building hundreds of models and full scale mock-ups to achieve the perfect curve, find the right line, and derive the most pleasing proportions. His designs, which employed modern materials in graceful, organic shapes, helped establish the reputation and identity of Knoll during its formative years.

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