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Company Overview

Office Design Project has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2001 and serves as the official partner of Herman Miller Ltd and the MillerKnoll concern within the country. We specialize in providing superior sales, warranty, and post-warranty service to esteemed clients of MillerKnoll and Herman Miller.

MillerKnoll and Herman Miller products are crafted using state-of-the-art materials in the High-Tech style, where form meets function. We provide all necessary materials for interior design projects so you can evaluate interiors outfitted with MillerKnoll and Herman Miller products. Before making a purchase decision, we invite you to test our office chairs to experience the legendary ergonomics and quality of our products.

Why choose Herman Miller office chairs by MillerKnoll? Our natural movements involve standing and lying down, but due to lifestyle changes, sitting has become more common. Research indicates that 60-70% of people sit in improper postures, negatively affecting the spine and muscles. Properly constructed Herman Miller office chairs prioritize ergonomics and maintain correct body positioning during sitting, reducing the risk of back pain.

Herman Miller products come with a manufacturer's warranty covering parts for 12 years.

20 Specialists

104 Satisfied Customers

134 Successful Projects

Our mission

The first step is to understand your needs. This dialogue will help us identify your specific requirements, and by collaborating and sharing new ideas, we can create unique working conditions for your employees.

We offer comprehensive project management services from start to finish. Our turnkey solutions ensure that you, our client, feel secure in our hands and deal exclusively with one company throughout the process.

Our Principles

People are the primary resource of any company. When your employees thrive, your business flourishes.


We initiate each project by listening to your input. Working closely with you, we strive to understand your requirements and utilize our professional skills and expertise to create a functional workspace that best suits your needs.


Our product range encompasses everything necessary for your office, from chairs to soft furnishings, including classic furniture for both visitors and staff, as well as custom-made chairs tailored for executive offices. Therefore, during the project planning phase, our team develops creative solutions for optimizing your work environment.


Our meticulously crafted and superior-quality office furniture, sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensures long-term durability and reliability. It’s essential to acquire office furniture from trusted companies with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products that inspire confidence.


Certificate of Authorized Dealer

Office Design Project is an official partner of Herman Miller Ltd and the MillerKnoll conglomerate in the country.

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